I’m glad you made it here!

I’ve been waiting to ask you:
Have you ever wondered if there might be something
more to Life or something more worthy OF your Life
than what your day after day brings?
Have you ever wanted to do something
extraordinary with your Life here on Earth?

What if…living your Life IS the
biggest thing you could do with it?
Then the real question becomes;
are you living your Life?
What are you doing with the day by day
and the moment by moments that you receive?

Because at some point,
the priorities of your Life need to reflect the path
of your dreams and desires; your passions and Purpose.
And this, I believe, is the statement that if you can truly understand
and embrace it for yourself will cause your Life to be transformed:

The one truth to face is that
there is nothing of tangible significance
that separates the most successful from the most desperate.
What really holds you back… is

This collection of thoughts is dynamic in content as
it is in design and will continue to change & evolve.
The goal is to bring you, in and between the lines,
both the inspiration and building blocks
to create a Life worthy of your life…


Sometimes it takes a tragedy…

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to cause us
to take hold of our lives and create triumph.

From the rumble of toppled buildings
to crushed & shattered dreams and hopes;
where we go from here all starts at a beginning.

Do we rebuild from rubble with the same anger,
greed, hate and self centered agenda that brought
them down – brought Us down – in the first place?… —-> Continue…

NOW is the time to break the chains


Years ago I read a quote that, at the time
did not have the same impact and meaning
for me as it does today in my Life,
and I had all but forgotten about it until
earlier this week when it was sent to me.… —-> Continue…

Are you willing to pay the price?


the most valuable lessons
come at the highest price
and the greatest cost…

Are you willing to pay it?

This is the thought that entered
my mind as I was driving home.
And I almost didn’t share it with you,
because I’ve got too many things that
I “should” be doing.… —-> Continue…

What if 1 in 5 people could change your Life?


Chances are if you tell 5 people about something you want,
one of those people can bring you closer to getting it -
either directly or knowing someone else that can.
(It’s that whole 5 degrees of separation concept that
we hear about yet rarely ever take action on.)

So what I would like to do is help you get one step closer.… —-> Continue…

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