Take the chance while you still have the choice


My son asked me for a fortune cookie today,
and though I told him they were stale and
unsavory, he wanted one anyway.
It was worth it, because when he opened it up,
this jewel was prize within:

Take the chance while you
    still have the choice.

Yesterday I had written a few phrases down on a
Post-It note and stuck it in my wallet,
adding to my ever growing collection.
“What if…”
“What might have been?”
“If only…”

So, the timing of this fortune cookie = perfect.
Because really….
How many times have you asked yourself
any number of questions like that ?
What if I had stayed in Indiana
instead of moving to the Northwest?
If only I’d said “no” to “Let’s do something really fun”.
What might have been…

There are so many things that present themselves to us;
and all of them are opportunities – yet are they opportunities
we are aware of, or do they seem more like a challenge ?
And by the way, most opportunities do meet us
in the form of a challenge, so if you find yourself
seriously lacking in the “opportunity” department -
take a closer look at the challenges that face you every day.
F.Y.I. :)
Because here’s the not so pretty part of an opportunity:
it can disappear as quickly as it arrived -
and we may never be able to get it back.

” Take the chance while you still have the choice. ”

Notice the first word is “Take”, which is an action word.
Also notice that the last word is “Choice”
meaning that it’s in your hands.

We can never know how different our lives would be
if only we had made different decisions,
choices and actions in our past.
It’s fun to guess & imagine sometimes,
and at other times it’s a very tearful thought.

What I can tell you is that
although we cannot change the past, we can
learn from it and better steer the course of our future.

Take a good look at the moments that come and go -
look for the ingredients that would propel you forward
to more of the Life you wish to be a part of.
And pay special attention to the challenges
and obstacles that come your way,
and how you act and react to them.

Are you saying “no” when you really don’t know ?

Because I want your Life to be filled with
a lot more “I’m glad I did” memories than “If only I’d…”