How are your excuses working?

I’m sitting here procrastinating something
that many people actually enjoy.

Singing; more specifically karaoke style.
I found a place in Vancouver that has Karaoke Night,
and was informed that their karaoke begins at 9pm.
It is 9:23 and here I sit typing you !
This isn’t to say that it’s your fault,
but it sure is working to keep me from going ;)
Doesn’t that just work, though ?
The excuse, that is; it’s working very well.
So I was going to say that I find singing in front
of people a terrifying experience, but what’s really
fascinating me now is how well this excuse is working –
this little tangent, sidetrack, distraction, etc.
It’s taken up 5 minutes so far.
It reminds me of something I heard years ago.
A friend of mine – very successful in business,
shared that he once asked his son to do something.
Okay, so now I can’t recall the exact dialog – but in a
nutshell the excuse was made that he was making soup.
The point of the story was that
ANY excuse will work if you use it.
(It is 9:41)
Now, I could go on and on in my life where I’ve let
excuses, reasons, etc. keep me from doing things.
But of course it’s waaaaay easier pointing the fingers at YOU.
So, while we’re pointing, what excuse have you used lately ?
Okay, that’s too broad a subject. I’ll pick one for you.
How about an area of your life that you are uncomfortable with.
Maybe you’re afraid to try something (karaoke? skydiving??).
Perhaps you want to say something to someone,
but aren’t sure how they’ll take it.
Maybe your work came in 2nd place next to Hell…
and yet you’re still working there
What about… feelings for another ?
Hey – you pick, you know what they are and you know
that you’ve got plenty to pick from !
How’s the soup ?
How has what you’ve picked to be the reason you are
not living the life you want treating you these days ?
Remember – I’m still pointing at you,
so 3 fingers are pointing back at me.
My friend also said this; It’s easier not to.
It’s easier NOT to do something than to do something,
and most people are “lazy” in their lives and reactive
instead of proactive – and it doesn’t matter how “busy” you are.
It’s easier not to look for another job.
It’s easier to put off making a phone call.
It’s easier not sharing your feelings.
It’s easier to give up on love…
But those things that are supposedly easier
make a much harder Life in the long run;
and a watered down, bland life at that.
Don’t you think it’s time to wake up ?
((Finger still pointed at you – 3 at me))
Stop finding reasons why you can’t, excuses why you don’t
- and find a purpose that will push you beyond.
Tonight I’m taking you with me to a place I’ve never been
doing something that is the most uncomfortable thing I know of.

Don’t chicken out on me, OK ?
Pick your own battle, challenge, demon
- and face it, embrace it; beat it.
Tell me how it goes – I really want to know, OK ???
It’s 10:07 right now, and I’m out the door at 10:10.
No more excuses ;)