Emotions and Feelings: Friend or Foe?


Do you know where feelings come from?
Do you know what causes your emotions??
Would you agree that the majority of our actions are highly influenced by both?
Sooooo… maybe it would be a good idea to know, eh?
Because the actions we take and don’t take are going to make or break us in Life. Since feelings are the #1 reason we do and don’t do things – being able to have control over them VS being controlled BY them will absolutely positively revolutionize and transform your life.
Are you ready to step out from being a Victim to being a Victor in your Life?
Serious question. Many people aren’t – because it would change their life beyond what they know and are ready to deal with.
Who wants to upheave their life, right?
I mean – we’re kind of used to how things are. We’ve figured out how to cope with things, work within our means, and live with a degree of comfort and happiness – right?
Why throw that away – it’s taken a lifetime to create!
So that’s why I have to ask, because risking the security and “safety” of the life you have and know isn’t worth it to most people. Regardless of what they say, deep inside there is only so much people are willing to change in and about their life.
And personally, that’s been my biggest struggle over the past 30 years;
being “OK” with and accepting that the majority of people would rather continue with the life they know than to create a life they would love.
That feels so… sad to hear myself say; to admit that it may well be true.
The good news is that I know there are those who DO believe that there is a better life available to them and ARE willing to see beyond the veil of disbelief they’ve held onto. Lately I’ve heard from several, and it has reminded me and inspired me to know that it has never been the majority of people who have made a deep impact in the world.
It’s been the work of a few who have been willing to step out and beyond their circumstances and situation in Life and do what most were unwilling to do, so that they could do and have what the majority never will.
OK, so back to feelings and emotions.
Did you know that, at their source, they are chemically based?
Yep. Our feelings & emotions are a vast menu of chemically based cocktails created primarily beyond our conscious awareness and control.
Here’s where it gets dicey.
For those with what modern medicine would label as a “chronic condition” -
You know that old question;
“Which came first; the chicken or the egg?”
If you aren’t feeling well, can you conceive the notion that your mind creates the feelings and emotions that have you feeling this way in order to maintain an accepted way of life?
Yes, the mind is quite capable of creating pain, discomfort, ailment, and dis-ease in your body.
It can have you feeling good or bad regardless of external or tangible “condition”.
Over time, it can also manufacture what is needed to produce the results and evidence you require to believe your “condition” is real. You have no idea how amazing and capable your body is. Literally.
This can unfold in an infinite number of ways.
Let’s say that at some point in your life, you decided that you didn’t deserve the things you really wanted.
(Rarely does this happen at a conscious level of thought, yet if one is intentional with going back in their life to discover what events led to such a determination, it can lead to a wonderful breakthrough.)
Given that feelings affect actions, if we feel bad, ill, sick, or in pain – are we going to be energized and excited to do what it takes to get the things we want?
No. It is the rare individual who will DO a thing to be done when they don’t feel like doing it, much less when they are feeling pain, sadness, hopelessness, sick, etc. And all of these are within the abilities and control of your subconscious mind to present.
How do you like them apples?
Now, you’d have to have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard by now that you can use your mind to improve your health. The science & studies over decades have proven this to be a fact.
It shouldn’t be any surprise to conclude that the subconscious has been quietly using your health (among other things) to keep you in check from doing crazy things like moving too far out of your comfort zone.
I’m using the term “comfort zone” to be your accepted and expected Life -
not to mean that it’s comfortable. Oftentimes it is far from comfortable.
If you haven’t yet, consider that your life right now – no matter how painful, uncomfortable, and possibly miserable it is – is your accepted and expected way of living. Admit it – don’t you often find yourself thinking things like “This is it; things aren’t going to get better.” or “See, no matter what I do – it never works out” or “Just when things seem to be going well – THIS (insert CRAP here) happens”.
Another common one is that you’re too tired or don’t feel well enough to do some thing that would benefit you. It’s almost insidious how the mind uses your self against yourself – all in the interest of keeping you where you believe you “should” be.
Let me make a bold statement and synopsis here to save you some time;
Your body was designed to be healthy.
Feel free to think and feel whatever disagreements you have with that statement – it’s part of your own mind’s clever attempt to cover up its own system of keeping YOU in check! However insulting you might find this truth to be – you will never be able to consciously comprehend what your mind and body is capable of.
Wherever you are in life – there are reasons for it.
There are the real reasons, and then there are the reasons you think are the cause.
You know what I think you should do?
Read the first 111 pages of a book called “Barriers to the Brain”.
Because there are only 111 pages in it ;)
Does it hold all of the answers?
BUT it will get you on track to asking the right questions,
and until you know the questions, you’ll never see the answers.
Do you know why you won’t read the book?
Because your mind is awesome at convincing you that you don’t need to – and the more reasons you can come up with that you don’t need to and shouldn’t read it is a GREAT indicator that reading it could change your life.
Well played, brain…. well played…
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