Let Them Feel Love…


For those who do not find themselves celebrating
Valentine’s Day with a significant other,
why not do something… different this year.

Find someone who really needs to feel love – and let them feel loved.

The first part of this may be the hardest – because chances are
you’ve spent a lifetime walking by people who longed to feel loved.
After all, most of them look a lot like you & I.
As a matter-of-fact, I think most people have experienced
times where they desperately needed to feel loved.
Have you ever been there?

Wouldn’t it have been incredible & amazing
had someone reached out to you and said something,
or done something that made you totally feel loved?

Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing
to BE that person to have made such
a difference in someone else’s life?

Way better than chocolate.

BE love for someone who needs it this Valentine’s Day.
If you open your minds and your hearts to find people who need it,
I promise – you will not need to go far.

And as always,
I’m going to suggest before you walk out the door -
that the first person you give this incredible gift to…
is You.


AND… feel free to do this the other 364 days a year



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