Be Good to Yourself


I’m beginning to see something.

The fortunes inside fortune cookies are being written
by people who have a vested interest in cookie sales.
For example, today’s Fortune Cookie message:

” Be good to yourself. Dessert
three times per week is OK. ”

Yeah – and especially have dessert if you enjoy fortune cookies!!!
Well, other than objecting the whole “Dessert is OK 3 times a week”
I will agree with the thought that you should be good to yourself.
(Trust me – I’ve seen what most people eat for dessert -
and you are NOT being good to yourself!)
Now I’m going to go into an entirely different direction
than I was 30 seconds ago.

Would you agree that you and I eat every day?
Would it also be safe to say that we eat
at least 2-3 meals a day??
So, to round a little – in a given year
you and I eat between 750 – 1100 meals.

Now tell me this:
How much consideration have you put into
the things you are putting into your body?

Have you done any research on food and nutrition??

How about the processing of food and the health content
of the food by the time it reaches your lips?

And have you thought about digestion and food combining??

Personally, I’ve gone downhill in my attentiveness to what I eat.
It’s easier not to have to worry about,
and the side effects seem minimal.
At first.

But on the other hand, the great pyramids of Egypt
were built a brick at a time. And look at them; they’re HUGE -
and people are still wondering how they got there!
(Maybe 3 bricks a week seemed OK)
But really now, for something that we do every day
the majority of people give precious little thought to it.

And, I’m just thinking out loud here -
but if I have a Life worth living
then I want to enjoy that Life
for as long as I can and as healthy.

And since the greatest attribute to a long and healthy Life
is what we eat and drink – we should probably start there.

Now, as much as I’d like to spend a few hours
finding you various links to websites and articles
that cover things that have been proven to be healthy
as opposed to the commercials and advertising
the mainstream media would rather you buy into…
I’m not.
It’s 2:30 in the morning and though I don’t sleep as much
as most people, I do know the value of sleep and
would like to actually get some tonight :P

I’ll throw a few topics for you to start with, though:

* How food is processed and what is lost in the process
(yes, that raw carrot used to be very good for you until you have boiled it,
buttered it and covered it with a nice succulent brown sugar based glaze.)

* Food combining
(the types of food you eat together and when is VERY important)

* Food portions
(it’s not exactly groundbreaking news, but 3 big meals a day
isn’t the best way to energize your day or night)

If you do your homework, you’ll end up with more info
than you probably will know what to do with, and you may
even be afraid to ever step foot into a grocery store again.
That will most likely leave to starvation,
which though we did not cover,
is also not beneficial to a long Life.

Be sensible.
And if you don’t trust yourself to be sensible and are
more prone to eat things that come in pretty packaging -
have someone else shop for you who is familiar
with what to look for and more importantly these days -
what to look OUT for.
You’ve got one body, one brain;
feed them both wisely.

Remember: garbage in garbage out.

Oh, and one last thing.
I’ve lost more than one family member due to smoking,
and more than likely will lose another way too soon.
If you smoke, don’t look for things to justify it; it’s your Life.
I would just like you to consider that
there are far more reasons to quit
than excuses to continue.
But if you do choose to smoke,
I wouldn’t worry about the rest of what I’ve written here;
it would be a moot point.

OK, enough about that -
you have plenty to think about!

And now, so do I !!! :)



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