The Scars of our Life


The scars of our life
are the score of our living -
evidence that we have risen
from the shadows and fought.
We may not win every battle,
and we will falter, fall, and even fail
in our advances and endeavors.
Still, we stand and step up to the calling
that will not be silenced nor drowned out;

“I am here, I matter,
and I will not be counted out!”

Do not be seduced by the comfort of mediocrity
in any area of your life, nor poisoned by the apathy
of a society that says “It doesn’t matter”.

For once and ever more realize the truth;
You are an amazing miracle
whose only limits are those you’ve
learned and were taught to be true.

It’s time to push beyond those beliefs -
to pull out the stops that keep you stuck.

Practice living a bold and incredible life;
request of this World and we who live in it
the means with which to build your dreams.

Do not allow another day to find you slinking
and settling into the shadows of complacency.

That is not your calling;
it is condemnation in disguise.

You are the cause and creator of the life you have
and the life you will have. You can continue to react
helplessly to circumstances and call your situation
futile & beyond your control, or you can accept the
uncomfortable reality that it begins and ends with YOU.

I hope that both excites and scares you,
because if it doesn’t it – you don’t get it.

So get it.
Whatever you need to do to break down
what stands in the way of you getting that
YOU are the #1 reason
you are where you are,
have been where you have,
and will go where you go – you do it.
Do whatever it takes.
Get it in your head that your Life is worth it -
that YOU are worth it.

I can’t wait to see you live your Life!!!


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