It’s not where you start – but when you get going


So my goal is to keep this short and sweet,
because if I don’t – the point might get lost.

Now, regardless of your religious & spiritual beliefs,
you no doubt get the intent of my photo posted above.

There is no shortage of people who came from
low and humble beginnings and went on
to create great success for themselves.

From Oprah Winfrey to Henry Ford,
Sylvester Stallone to J. K. Rowling -
the world is peppered with those
who made things happen
rather than made excuses.

Most of them were willing to do
what the majority of us, if faced,
would deem too extreme, too
difficult, too uncomfortable,
too unorthodox, too…
not normal.

I heard in my ealy 20′s that
to get what and where most people don’t,
you’ve got to do what most people won’t.
Successful people will do
what unsuccessful people
are unwilling to do.

They pay the price.

That’s what sets them apart.

And remember -
any and every reason,
rationale, and excuse
will work if you use it.

Simple. As. That.

I look forward to hearing about
the successess you achieve,
so drop me a line with your story!